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Thanks for being here! I'm Audrey!​

Three years ago, I booked a trip to Costa Rica that completely changed my life. At first glance, it was like I transported to Jurassic Park and was awestruck by all the colorful and diverse plants and animals around me.


It wasn't until my third travel day that I saw the "hidden" parts of this beautiful paradise. It was crystal clear that my consumer choices were impacting the most beautiful parts of the world, thousands of miles away. All I wanted to do was protect it.

When I returned home, I was committed to making changes. I researched what I can do and what I can teach my friends and family to do. This led to trash audits, zero waste challenges, military showers, and a plant-based diet. I was living as minimally as I could to protect the planet I love so much.

Going "earthy" as my friends would call it, was not easy. I was a McDonalds loving, Forever21 wearing, consumeristic girl. It took a lot of patience, trial and error, and setbacks to get where I am today.

I created my sustainability blog, Earthy Audrey to share everything I have learned along my journey. This blog is here to make sustainability inclusive and accessible to everyone. It is the guidebook that I wish I had 3 years ago and I hope it can inspire you to live a life that connects you with this miraculous planet and makes you feel good about your consumer choices.

I am an open book and talking about sustainability is my absolute passion in life. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask me any questions or request certain recipes or zero waste swaps! I am so happy you are here and can't wait to start this journey together.

Let's get earthy!